Battle Derby is the next generation of mobile gaming with Blockchain technology and NFTs with the fusion of (F2P) free to play and (P2E) play to earn.

Battle Derby
4 min readSep 21, 2021
Battle Derby gameplay. P2E, Blockchain and NFT

Battle Derby is a new mobile game focused on player fun. Where players will have to choose their car and customize it to defeat their opponents in different game modes using Dash, weapons and boosters.

Battle Derby value propositions:

  • A game dedicated to play
  • Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn
  • Real-time gameplay.
  • Blockchain mechanics
  • Gameplay Economics
  • Ownership rights over digital assets.
  • Trading, sharing or gifting in the NFT asset marketplace.

What makes Battle Derby different?

Battle Derby is a game with the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model that allows for an exchange of value between the virtual and analog worlds and a frictionless exchange of value. Considering the evolution of mobile gaming, the prominence of Blockchain technology stands out. This technology has immense potential in this industry and is here to stay. Battle Derby has been created by the company TripleOGames, whose team has been involved in Blockchain since 2016 and has a lot of experience in creating several mobile and AAA games. The rise in popularity of games that implement Blockchain has meant that many users only use them as an economic medium, not as a game. Battle Derby will tread new ground in competitive gaming, our team’s philosophy is to maintain the essence of mobile games while integrating this technology.

Battle Derby defends this new P2E model in an improved way, it prioritises having a good time. Games are a source of entertainment which function is for players to have fun. Most of today’s P2E games have forgotten the definition of “Play” and focus only on “Earn”. For us, the most important aspect is Battle Derby’s progression system, which is based on a balance between the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of the players.

Intrinsic motivation is determined by fun, curiosity, self-expression, interest and enjoyment of the game. While extrinsic motivation is anything that is achieved by performing the task, such as prizes, money or rewards.

“The essence of the entertainment industry is fun and enjoyment.” Isidro Quintana TripleOGames-Co-founder and CEO.

Many current games with the P2E model focus all their attention on extrinsic motivation, i.e. on the prize or “earn”. So, without investors, these games cannot be sustained in the long run, as there is nothing else to increase the player’s motivation. In TripleOGames we are changing the concept of “play-to-earn” to “play-and-earn”.

Believing that monetary reward is everything, as we have seen, is a minimal fraction of the extrinsic motivation which means that the game ceases to be a game and becomes a speculative good or product, where intrinsic motivations are eliminated or in the background. It means that many of these “games” will survive only as long as there is a constant flow of new investors.” Isidro Quintana TripleOGames — Co-founder and CEO

An entertainment-based game with Blockchain mechanics and NFTs.

As we have said, players will remain gamers in Battle Derby where they will be able to play fun matches in different game modes. They will be able to choose and customize cars to play in the arena and through progression they will be able to earn new cars, fragments, accessories and upgrades.

These items will be tradable through a classic system of selling limited collectible game items tokenized as NFTs. Due to the Blockchain system being decentralized, there will be no central owner or authority controlling the game, but the players themselves will be in control of the NFTs. These upgrades will not affect the gameplay of the game, but will be mostly aesthetic or rewards.

This system has been created to prevent wealthy players from quickly grabbing the top positions, eliminating any possibility of a pay-to-win model. In addition, each tradable item has a unique and immutable ID similar to a serial number, meaning that no one can clone or duplicate it, so this NFT is gonna be yours forever until you decide to sell it. All of this will help to maintain a balance between players’ motivations.

But that’s not all, Battle Derby comes with many surprises. Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing more information about the game through this blog and our social media profiles. You can find them at this link: or Twitter | Discord|Facebook |Instagram

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Battle Derby

Battle Derby by Triple O Games redefines mobile gaming with Web3 integration, bridging traditional and blockchain worlds for an immersive experience.