Proof of Skills Unleashed: Unlocking Rewards in Battle Derby

Battle Derby
2 min readApr 18, 2024

Unlock the Future of Gaming: Discover the Game-Changing Proof of Skills System in Battle Derby

Battle Derby introduces an innovative Proof of Skills system that prioritizes player engagement and rewards based on gameplay achievements. Let’s take a closer look at how this groundbreaking system works and why it’s changing the gaming landscape for the better!

Your success in Battle Derby isn’t determined by how much money you spend — it’s defined by how skillfully you play. We’ve designed our game to reward skill and strategy, not just deep pockets. This approach not only encourages players to engage more deeply with the game but also to spend more time mastering its mechanics. As players improve and earn bigger rewards through skillful play, the value of their assets naturally increases, creating a dynamic and rewarding experience for all.

“At the heart of Battle Derby’s Proof of Skills system is a desire to celebrate and reward players who have truly mastered their craft”

A visual representation of the Proof of Skills system in Battle Derby. Earn rewards based on your gameplay skills and achievements.

The innovative Proof of Skills system in Battle Derby plays a pivotal role in enhancing the value of our NFTs and tokens. As players engage with the game, master its mechanics, and earn rewards based on their skill level, the demand for our NFTs and tokens naturally rises, contributing to their increased price and value.

Earning Battle Points ties directly to your slice of the daily token pool, so the more skillfully you play, the bigger your rewards! It encourages players to level up their skills, dive deeper into the game, and score even better perks. Check out the video below to see it all in action!

In conclusion, Battle Derby’s reward system not only enhances the gameplay experience but also significantly boosts the value of your NFT cars, especially Syndicate Cars. By earning shares of the daily token pool through Battle Points, players contribute to the growth of their token value and the overall ecosystem. This synergy between gameplay rewards and token value underscores Battle Derby’s commitment to creating a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience in the Web3 space.



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