Unveiling the $TOG Token: A Symbol of Innovation

Battle Derby
2 min readApr 30, 2024

As we prepare for the highly anticipated launch of our $TOG token, our team has been hard at work perfecting every aspect of its design and functionality.

One key element of this process has been the complete redesign of the token’s image, reflecting TripleO Games’ commitment to innovation and inclusivity.

In-game integration example of the new token design

Our goal with this new design is not only to align with the updated aesthetics of our game, but also to embody the core values and vision of our company. We strive to be a timeless and forward-thinking entity, leading the way in the future of gaming and decentralized economies.

With this in mind, our talented artists started to create what to this day is the final image of our $TOG token so let’s take a deep dive into the process and unveil some of its secrets.

$TOG token newly updated design

The hexagonal shape for the coin, symbolizes our commitment to creating equal opportunities for all players. This shape represents our dedication to constant development and accessibility, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 native players.

As for the colour palette, the blue-green stretch of the color spectrum predominates, in a wide variety of its shades to avoid dullness and give dimension to the design, and golden shades are used mainly for details and frames.

As an example for this, the gold coloured brim symbolizes the economic value of the token, and the different shades of blue and green used on the inside connect it with the game’s main colours and all Web3 content in it respectively.

At the heart of the token lies a cube icon — a direct nod to the blockchain world and the three faces of the cube in its isometric perspective also relate to the concept of triple, mirroring the name of our company, TripleO Games.

Turn your Battle Points (left) to $TOG token (right) everyday with our Proof of Skills system

Overall, the redesigned $TOG token is more than just a digital asset — it’s a symbol of our commitment to innovation and gaming. We’re excited to unveil it to the world and usher in a new era.



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